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How We Can Help

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How Can Counselling Help?

Counselling can offer you a safe, caring and supportive setting in which to explore things you may find difficult to talk about with anyone else.  It provides a space for you to express feelings, understand them better and think about matters of concern to you.  We offer you time, trust, respect and honesty.

What Contact Counselling Offers:

Contact Counselling is pleased to be able to offer face-to-face/on-line/telephone counselling.

Appointments are available on some week days and evenings.  Face-to-face appointments will be held in one of two locations: Crookes S10, and Meersbrook S8.  If you are only able to attend at one of these locations, please state this during your initial contact.  We currently offer the following:

  • Monday morning: Crookes (face-to-face)
  • Monday afternoon: Crookes (face-to-face) Meersbrook (face-to-face/on-line/telephone)
  • Monday evening: (on-line/telephone)
  • Tuesday afternoon: Meersbrook (face-to-face/on-line/telephone)
  • Tuesday evening: Meersbrook (face-to-face/on-line/telephone)
  • Wednesday morning: Meersbrook (face-to-face/on-line/telephone)
  • Wednesday afternoon: Meersbrook (face-to-face/on-line/telephone)
  • Wednesday evening: Meersbrook (face-to-face/on-line/telephone)
  • Thursday afternoon: Crookes (face-to-face)
  • Thursday evening:  (on-line/telephone)
  • Friday afternoons:
  • (on-line/telephone)

Please note, Contact Counselling does not currently offer counselling with male therapists.

We do not permit clients to attend therapy sessions with babies or children.  Please consider this before joining our waiting list as, if you arrive with a child, the session will not take place.

We do not offer home visits.  

We are not an advice-giving service.  

We are not a crisis helpline.

We do not offer any mental health provision other than the counselling services stated on this site. 

Counselling can help people who want to explore many different issues including:

Relationship Problems

Family Problems



Low Self-Esteem

Traumatic Experiences

Self Harm

Eating Disorders

Weight Issues


Loss And Bereavement

Obsessive Thoughts


Work Problems

Study Problems


Childhood Abuse