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Humanistic Therapy

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The way we work

Contact Counselling offers an ‘Humanistic’ approach.  The counsellors work from an integrative model with a person-centred core.

 (We do NOT offer psychoanalysis, psycho-dynamic or Cognitive/Behavioural therapies.  If you seek any of these models of therapy, please refer to a service which offers them. Similarly, we do not offer EMDR or DBT. We are not medically trained and do not make diagnoses). 

Understanding and accepting you is fundamental to the way we work

We listen very carefully to your experiences and your account of the issues troubling you.   We relate to you as a whole person struggling to work through whatever difficulties you face rather than treating the problem you present us with in isolation.   We aim to help you draw upon your strengths to facilitate personal growth and development.

We value every person's individuality irrespective of background or social circumstances

We do not enter the counselling relationship with preconceived ideas about how you ought to think and feel. We will never judge your thoughts or experiences as irrational or misguided, or propose that, if you want to get ‘better‘, you must change in a particular way.  We place as much emphasis on feelings and bodily awareness as on thoughts and beliefs. 

Our view is that the benefits of counselling are more profound and long-lasting if an understanding about what needs to change and the emotional confidence to sustain change come from within. Our role is to support you in this process.

We believe that the counselling relationship is central to your experience of counselling and the crux of therapeutic change

There is much evidence to show that clients’ evaluations of the benefits of counselling are closely linked to their views about the quality of the relationship that they have created with their counsellor.

Contact Counselling Counsellors

We are a group of four fully-trained, qualified, insured and supervised practitioners, all of whom currently work in private practice/for other organisations, who are currently able to provide approx. 30 hrs of sessions per week for Contact Counselling, at for a reduced fee.

We are all members of the National Counselling Society/BACP or equivalent and adhere to their codes of ethics and practice.


RECRUITMENT – (for counsellors only)

At times of high demand for our service, we may seek to appoint new counsellors.  We offer ‘open’ recruitment whereby we welcome CVs (and covering letters) at any time, which we will hold on file – if suitable – and contact applicants for interview at such times when additional counsellors are required.  Please note, applicants MUST have; diploma level (or equivalent) qualification, experience of working with clients presenting a wide range of issues, over 200 post-qualification hours, a current client case load, regular supervision, membership with a professional body and own premises from which to work.   We do not out-source our clients to other therapists.  If a therapist is successful at interview and is invited to join our collaborative, they must commit to attend all meetings and undertake their share of administrative duties.  They must also commit to remaining a part of the collaborative for a minimum period of one year and must offer open-ended counselling to their allocated clients (a minimum of 2).  

 We do not offer placements to students.

 In the first instance, please place a telephone call to Contact Counselling to register interest.  We shall return your call and provide you with an email address to which you can send your CV.